Friday, November 09, 2007

Technology educators

I've been busy last 2-3 weeks - speaking at conferences and meetings. In the process I've learned a lot - making some new friends and strengthening professional connections.

Last Thursday I gave a keynote address to the Colorado Technology Education Association at Copper Mountain. Technology education includes folks who also identify with other names such as industrial arts, vocational education, or career education. The slides are being posted to the conference site. Colorado's lieutenant governor spoke earlier in the day - so I felt somewhat intimidated.

As a relative outsider to the group I offered my take on technology education in Colorado - how important it is for schools and kids. I believe tech educators are doing things that other teachers and students should be doing more of - project-based learning, technology integration, multi-disciplinary units, and student-empowering design activities. Colorado has included technology education in its definition and standards for technology literacy.

So bottom line - ALL teachers should be integrating technology where appropriate into their teaching. But technology educators have a special role to play in helping kids make the transition to college and careers. I hope tech educators have full voice and participation in these issues - their perspective is strongly needed!