Wednesday, May 01, 2013

SITE interview - guerrilla video

Fred Baker of the University of South Alabama engaged me in a quick interview at the SITE conference in New Orleans in March. I briefly traced my career:
     Fred Baker and Brent Wilson (5-minute video)
     Conversation at SITE
     New Orlean, 26 March
I outlined my experience in the field and the various emphases I’ve given to different ideas:
  • Taught as a doctoral student of Dave Merrill in instructional theory (behaviorism)
  • Helped integrate cognitive learning theory
  • Moved in the 1980s to performance improvement principles
  • 1990s: Constructivism and postmodern thinking
  • 2000s: Aesthetics, learning experience
  • 2010s: Practice theory and critical stance
The video reflects my current thinking on the practice of instructional design. Thanks Fred for capturing the moment!