Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recent papers

Here are several papers I've recently written for various venues. The full APA reference is provided with each.

Wilson, B. G., & Switzer, S. H. (2012, June). Pedagogical capital: Strengthening and leveraging trusting relationships in online courses. Presented at the EdMedia 2012 conference, Denver, CO.

Wilson, B. G., & Linder-VanBerschot, J. (2012, June). Co-teaching an online action research class. Presented at the EdMedia 2012 conference, Denver, CO. Proceedings: http://editlib.org/df/82591 and

Wilson, B. G. (2012). Trends and issues in online learning and teaching: A nowcasting exercise. In L. Visser, Y. Visser, M. Simoson, & R. Amirault, (Eds.), Trends and issues in distance education – international perspectives (pp. 41-56). Bloomington IN: Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Draft:

Wilson, B. G., & Parrish, P. (2011). Transformative learning experience: Aim higher, gain more. Educational Technology, 51 (2), 10-15.

Wilson, B. G. (2012). Developing a critical stance as an e-learning specialist: A primer for new professionals. In S. Fee & B. Belland (Eds), The role of criticism in understanding problem solving: Honoring the work of John C. Belland (pp. 57-68). Springer. http://sehd.ucdenver.edu/brentwilson/files/2012/07/Critical-Stance.pdf

Wilson, B. G. (2012). Constructivism in practical and historical context. In R. Reiser & J. Dempsey (Eds.), Current trends in instructional design and technology (3rd ed.) (pp. 45-52). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice-Hall.